What started the Proposition 200 Payday Loan Reform Act?

Answer The act was designed to repeal the July 1, 2010, termination date that would have eliminated short-tern, "payday loans" in the state of Arizona. The proposed legislation was spurred by payday lende... Read More »

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What reform ideals did Martin Luther support?

Martin Luther supported several reform ideals within the Catholic Church. Luther pushed for the abolition of indulgences and supported adult baptisms and teaching the Bible in non-Latin languages. ... Read More »

What health-care reform has occurred in Maryland?

As of 2010, the state's health-care reform task force has started laying the foundation to enact the sweeping health-care reform bill passed by the federal government. The state is using $85 millio... Read More »

When you speak of ADOPTION REFORM what exactly are you referring to?

I find the entire concept of North American adoption /childwelfare industry to be fundamentally flawed.It was based in the utopian society movements of the 19th century, and the Progressive era, wh... Read More »

What 1929 New Deal reform regulates buying stock on credit?

Although the stock market crashed in 1929, the subsequent legislation bringing new regulation to the markets occurred later. In this case, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 provides the authority... Read More »