What Are the Parts of a Fringing Reef?

Answer A fringing reef is a young coral reef that grows about 2 to 7 millimeters per year in the shallow water along the shores of tropical lands. The reefs are rich in fish and other sea life and occupy ... Read More »

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What Plants Grow in the Coral Reef?

Coral reefs are brightly colored reefs found in shallow waters, home to hundreds of different creatures. They are so busy and full of life that they are like underwater cities. The coral reefs that... Read More »

What kind of animals live in the coral reef?

The coral reef is a marine ecosystem that has different types of animal species. Coral reefs house animals such as sponges, sea anemones, sea urchins, sea stars, worms, lobsters, shrimp, snails, co... Read More »

What big fish can you dive with at ningaloo reef?

Located on the west coast of Australia is the protected marine park Ningaloo Reef. Divers visiting the park can swim with over 500 species of fish including large species such as whale sharks, hump... Read More »

What purpose do hermit crabs serve in a reef aquarium?

Hermit crabs act basically as janitors in reef aquariums. They are very efficient at eating the algae that develops on the terrain in a fish tank. Hermit crabs are bottom-feeders and generally dwel... Read More »