What does a nasa rocket and a whater rocket have that is the same?

Answer They both have fuel. They both have to be stable. And they both have a nozzle.

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How do you make a rocket like the one Top gear had on a bike in their video- Rocket-powered bicycle - Speed - BBC or what would you call one of these?

Is the multistage rocket the same as a rocket?

a multistage rocket is a rocket. a rocket could be a multistage rocket. all multi-stage rockets are rockets, but not all rockets are multi-stage. For example the space misstions. They are all multi... Read More »

What is in a Hamas rocket?

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Hamas Qassam missiles weigh about 200 pounds and carry a warhead of TNT, other high explosives and metal to add shrapnel to the blast effects of the explo... Read More »

What was the rocket made for?

Short answer: No. Long answer: No it was not.