What is a red currant berry?

Answer Answer native sand plum

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Why do they call strawberry a berry if its not a berry?

For a while, it was mistaken for a berry, as it looks like any other "berry". The seeds on the outside are not really seeds, but they are the strawberries ovaries. Yet, even with this knowledge, pe... Read More »

Is hawthorne berry the same as acai berry?

The hawthorne berry is not the same as an acai berry. Hawthorne berries come from the hawthorne shrub, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. Acai berries come from the acai palm tree, whi... Read More »

What is currant jelly?

Currants are also known as ribes. They are related to the gooseberry, buffalo currant and the jostaberry. Currants look similar to a cluster of grapes when growing on the vine, and like grapes they... Read More »

What Is Black Currant?

Black currant (also known as European black currant) is the name of the perennial shrub "Ribes nigrum," as well as the fruit used in food and in alternative medicine. It is native to western Asia a... Read More »