What is a recovery CD?

Answer The operating system on your computer can become corrupted and unusable. This can be caused by malicious software like viruses or harmful scripts that invade your computer while you are browsing th... Read More »

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How to Create Recovery Discs for Windows Vista in HP Recovery Manager?

After booting up your computer, with factory installed Vista for the first time, be sure to create a set of recovery discs of the full factory image. The recovery discs are used to start up (boot) ... Read More »

What is recovery image on my PC?

That is what you will access to re-image everything back to factory state when it crashes. After a couple of years it is normal that a PC will slow down, then crap out software-wise. So then you di... Read More »

What is backup recovery?

Backup recovery is the process where missing or damaged computer data is retrieved from safe storage and restored to use. Successful recovery is dependent on the original data having been previousl... Read More »

What is a recovery disk?

A recovery disk is a CD-ROM disk containing backup information for a computer operating system. A recovery disk is used to bring a computer back to its original operating condition when files becom... Read More »