What is a recovery CD?

Answer The operating system on your computer can become corrupted and unusable. This can be caused by malicious software like viruses or harmful scripts that invade your computer while you are browsing th... Read More »

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How to Create Recovery Discs for Windows Vista in HP Recovery Manager?

After booting up your computer, with factory installed Vista for the first time, be sure to create a set of recovery discs of the full factory image. The recovery discs are used to start up (boot) ... Read More »

Recovery of VAT?

VAT, or Value Added Tax, is a type of sales tax that is essentially taxing only the added value at each stage of merchandise production. The type of VAT varies from nation to nation, but in genera... Read More »

Windows Xp Recovery help?

When the Dell splash screen appears during the computer startup process, press and hold and then press . Then, release both keys at the same time.…

How to Lie in the Recovery Position?

This is a position that you will see people lying in at hospitals sometimes. The recovery position is supposed to be the most comfortable position and is supposed to help you breathe better and is ... Read More »