How to Have a Rebound Relationship?

Answer While most advice cautions against the perils of a rebound relationship, there are rebound relationships out there that succeed, and research has shown that rebound marriages are no more likely to ... Read More »

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How to Know if You're in a Rebound Relationship?

Ending a relationship requires healing and closure afterward. Have you truly moved on from your last relationship? Or is this new partner a "rebound"? How can you tell if you're merely someone's "r... Read More »

What are the causes of rebound hypertension?

Hypertension is one of the most common medical conditions in the world. It is an important public health problem, with high mortality and morbidity. Rebound hypertension is one complication of this... Read More »

What are ways to help rebound insomnia after taking Ambien?

Avoid any benzos - valium, ativan, etc. These will only prolong the recovery period. Other than that, time and only time can heal your brain. The insomnia passes. It might take time - days for some... Read More »

How to Be the Rebound in Dating?

Not all of us find partners that are fresh like spring daisies in the dating field and more often than not we find ourselves being the "rebound". If your current amour has recently broken up, there... Read More »