What is a rear spoiler used for?

Answer A rear spoiler affects the flow of air over a car to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag that can slow a car down. A rear spoiler is common in sports cars and can signify a car's performance level... Read More »

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What Does a Rear Spoiler Do?

The purpose of an automotive spoiler is to disrupt, or spoil, the airflow over the car to improve performance. The device came into general use in the early 1960s sports racing cars. It is now comm... Read More »

What is the spoiler on a car used for?

Though the term "spoiler" is often used interchangeably with "wing," there is a vast difference between the two in terms of both design and intent. Whereas a wing actively creates downforce by int... Read More »

How to Fix Holes in a Rear Spoiler?

Repairing a spoiler is as easy as applying Bondo to the holes, sanding, priming and repainting the spoiler to match the color of the car. Bondo is the most common product employed by do-it-yourself... Read More »

How to Install a Rear Spoiler?

A rear spoiler improves your car's aerodynamic airflow, when driving, by providing a down force from the rear spoiler. This down force creates better handling for your vehicle as well as speed. A r... Read More »