What is a really good smooth alcohol to drink?

Answer I like beer myself.

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In your opinion what drink is really smooth.?

Malibu Rum, Patron(tequilla),Svedka(vodka).... If you want cheap yet drinkable, go for Tvarski Red 100..That'll put some pep in ya step!

What's a good drink mix to go with rubbing alcohol?

i drink that all the time because i'm jobless.all you do is add lots of ice and a jolly rancher. tastes just like kool aid!

Is it good if a father makes his 14 month old son drink alcohol?

What are some really good vanilla vodka drink recipes Any suggestions?

We were playing around with vanilla vodka at our christmas party the other night. The drink we made was great but not something you can do fully without special equipment.We took sugar, lemongrass,... Read More »