Can you recommend any good romantic comedy movie?

Answer Romantic Comedies:1. She's All That2. Picture Perfect 3. Kate & Leopold4. When Harry Met Sally5. Leap Year6. Serious Moonlight7. You've Got Mail8. French Kiss9. Easy A10. Nick and Norah's Infinite ... Read More »

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What romantic comedy movie were you surprised you liked?

How to Make a Romantic Comedy?

American Pie is one of the many romantic comedy movies out there and now, with the help of this article, you can make one by yourself.

Can you please help me to find this romantic comedy movie?

"Shallow Hal" (2001)Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, & Jason AlexanderAnother movie you might like that has a similar theme to it is called:"Angus" (1995)Starring: Perry Anzilotti, Kathy B... Read More »

What is a good comedy show?

well im not sure if you will like what i like but the best comedy for me is my wife and kids, sonny with a chance, and two man & a half.... FRIENDS, MASH, Will and Grace, Big Lake, Bel Air, Family ... Read More »