Any really good horror movies?

Answer The ClinicThe LodgeMum And Dad, The Loved Ones (If you like torture films, watch these!!)OrphanThe Woman In BlackCradle Will Fall (based on a true story, very disturbing...)ChooseI Spit On Your Gra... Read More »

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How many of your favorite actors were in a Horror movie before the became really famous?

((Logan))Michael Fassenbender, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Wahlberg.BQ: Anthony Hopkins was in Magic (1979) about the evil ventriloquist doll. Michael Fassbender was in Eden Lake (2008). He was a late bl... Read More »

Good Horror movies with no or really few jump scares?

Evil Dead (2013) ShuttersThe exorcism of emily roseInsidiousThe RiteOrphanThe OmenThe ExorcistThe UnbornThe Haunting in ConnecticutThe EyeThe woman in blackMamaThe amityvilly horrorHouse at the end... Read More »

What is a really good scary movie?

Wolf Creek, though slightly gory, but very creepy, kind of based on an Australian true story.paranormal actvity 3, that one scared the cr*p out of me, ocne it got going, only the 3rd one though!... Read More »

What is a REALLY GOOD MOVIE in your opinion?

One flew over the cuckoos nestGreen Mile Hand that rocks the cradel Sixth SenseTootsie