Awkward boob situation.HELP!!!!?

Answer Go to Victoria's Secret and have them professionally fit you and the best part is it's FREE. There's no way anyone who can't see you can determine what the problem is. You don't have to buy from ... Read More »

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Awkward play-date situation?

Relative or not, I would just bring it up. I would just say that she was not playing nicely with (or hurting) your son and he wasn't enjoying it (or you didn't like the way her child was treating y... Read More »

How do I Grow Really Short Hair Cuts Out of the Awkward Stage for Women?

Growing out your hair can be a tedious and long process, especially while growing between styles. For those who want long hair faster, getting through that awkward "middle stage" can be quite both... Read More »

Should I really feel this awkward about being tall ? happy you are tall ...... You have alot of options ....And if I was to see you , no I wouldn't think your height was weird .....Do you like playing sports ....maybe basketball ? Just be ha... Read More »

Wdyt of this situation about my mum, I really want to complain?

That's a nasty situation.But if she had no food poisoning symptoms (and as Tyler says, E. coli doesn't show up on a blood test) there's no way the hospital could have known she was about to get ill... Read More »