Awkward boob situation.HELP!!!!?

Answer Go to Victoria's Secret and have them professionally fit you and the best part is it's FREE. There's no way anyone who can't see you can determine what the problem is. You don't have to buy from ... Read More »

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Awkward play-date situation?

Relative or not, I would just bring it up. I would just say that she was not playing nicely with (or hurting) your son and he wasn't enjoying it (or you didn't like the way her child was treating y... Read More »

How to Be Less Awkward?

Have you ever been somewhere where you don't know anyone (i.e. summer camp, new school, etc.)? Well, this should help you be less awkward and meet people quick!

How to Be Awkward?

Everyday many try to avoid awkward situations; however, they are very few who love such situations and receive some sort of pleasure. If you happen to be naturally awkward, working backwards from t... Read More »

This is a bit awkward?

If you want to "finger" yourself, it probably won't hurt if you do it correctly. I've never done that before but I don't intend to, for some women fingering themselves feels good and some it doesn'... Read More »