What is a real estate buyer agent?

Answer Buying a house can be confusing and time consuming. Most people turn to a Realtor to assist them. Surprisingly, many don't realize that unless you sign a contract authorizing the Realtor to act as... Read More »

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What is a buyer's premium in a real estate auction?

The buyer's premium is a fee charged by a real estate auction company to the buyer, on top of the price of the winning bid. This fee varies among auction companies and should be listed in the compa... Read More »

How do I fill out a buyer and seller real estate contract?

Filling out Real Estate ContractsGo over the contract carefully to ensure that you understand it. Fill in the legal names section for buyer and seller in the right spots. Input information about th... Read More »

Why be a real estate broker vs. a real estate agent?

While many people use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between a real estate broker and a real estate agent. Being a real estate broker has several advantages over being a real esta... Read More »

Can a buyer rely on oral statements made at auction of real estate?

On One Hand: Auctioneer ResearchAuctioneers gather preliminary information on real estate from a variety of sources to include in property data in preparation for a live, sealed bid or online aucti... Read More »