What is a rattlesnake's rattle made of& how is it used?

Answer A rattlesnake's rattle is made of brittle material including a series of dried, hollow segments of skin. When shaken, these segments make a whirring sound. Rattlesnakes use their rattles to alert o... Read More »

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Is a rattlesnake's rattle made of bones?

A rattlesnake's rattle is not made of bone, but rather of hard, dry skin. Each time a rattlesnake sheds its skin, a section of that dried skin is left behind on the end of the tail, forming the rat... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Rattlesnakes?

There are 16 varieties of rattlesnakes, also known as pit vipers--a type of venomous snake having two pits under the nose to sense warm-blooded prey. There is a species in every state but Alaska a... Read More »

How to Hunt for Rattlesnakes?

If you are an outdoors kind of person who loves the occasional adrenaline rush, try going on a rattlesnake hunt. Obviously, this is a dangerous activity because these snakes are venomous. The metho... Read More »

Do peacocks eat rattlesnakes?

Both peacocks and peahens eat a wide variety of food including plants and small animals. They also eat snakes. Peacocks will eat a rattlesnake. They are also able to indicate if a rattlesnake has e... Read More »