What is a Macedonian?

Answer A Macedonian is a person from the country of Macedonia or someone with ancestral links to the culture of Macedonia. Macedonia is a landlocked country in southern Europe situated between Albania, Ko... Read More »

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My brother has a rare heart disease but I can't remember it's name?

There are severe possibilities I can think of based on your description and what can happen in a young person: a) Aortic stenosis b) Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (esp. the Hypertrophic Obstructive C... Read More »

Macedonian bread....keeflee?

Kifli (IPA: [ˈkifli]) is a traditional Hungarian pastry made by cutting sheets of soft flour dough into triangular wedges, and wrapping those wedges to create a crescent-shaped morsel, which is th... Read More »

Who was the Macedonian king who conquered Greece?

Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, conquered Greece. His armies attacked and captured the Greek cities of Potidaea, Pydna and Methone along the Macedonian coast. In 352 B.C., he defeated nor... Read More »

How do i load the macedonian font on microsoft word?

Download and Locate the FontDownload the Macedonian font into a directory on your computer. Note the location of the file and unzip the font file (if necessary). Fonts are installed to the operatin... Read More »