Do you ever ask random questions in random categories?

Answer Dr. - you have to go to my 360 and watch the 30 second Bunny version of broke back mountain…

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How to get rid of a phobia?

Self-exposure therapy (Desensitization).People who experience simple phobias can be treated by using a form of behavioral therapy known as exposure therapy themselves. This therapy is done in stage... Read More »

Social Phobia?

I lived this life for years. I didn't leave my house for 9 month's when it first began. I know how frightening this is and the fear you have when you go out manifest's itself into more, you have a ... Read More »

Whats your phobia?

Man, I really hate creepy crawlies! They give me psycho dreams, every night! Especially lizards and cockroaches! I'd rather spill glue on me than seeing those icky things!I'm also afraid of SUPER O... Read More »

How to Overcome Phobia?

Beat the gravest fear out of your body, feel good and positive. That should be the motto of a person having phobia. Phobia is actually an extended form of anxiety, a sense of deep fear to which our... Read More »