What is a radioisotope treadmill test ?

Answer Radioisotope treadmill tests (myocardial perfusion imaging) provide an internal view of heart and coronary artery function. They require minimal radiation exposure and are helpful if your physician... Read More »

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Why would my heart rate drop during the middle of a treadmill test?

You probably should have asked that while you were still at the testing site.My best guess would be that your heart suddenly started pumping harder increasing your cardiac output so it didn't need ... Read More »

What is an elliptical treadmill?

There are hundreds of fitness machines invented each year. Most don't work well; however, the elliptical treadmill has proven to be one of the rare machines that does.FunctionAn elliptical treadmi... Read More »

What are mets on a treadmill?

Many physicians prescribe exercise for many of their clients for various reasons. Based on their fitness level or medical condition, patients are asked to maintain or reach a certain exercise inten... Read More »

What are the benefits of a treadmill?

Treadmill walking is easy, safe, convenient and a good way to get healthy and fit and lose weight. It can also be safer and more enjoyable to do than some other types of aerobic exercise.FitnessWal... Read More »