What is a radioisotope treadmill test ?

Answer Radioisotope treadmill tests (myocardial perfusion imaging) provide an internal view of heart and coronary artery function. They require minimal radiation exposure and are helpful if your physician... Read More »

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Why would my heart rate drop during the middle of a treadmill test?

You probably should have asked that while you were still at the testing site.My best guess would be that your heart suddenly started pumping harder increasing your cardiac output so it didn't need ... Read More »

How to Get a Dog to Use a Treadmill?

Ever wanted your dog to run on a treadmill? It can be a good way for your dog to use up excess energy, especially if you can't take the dog outside often.

How to Buy a Treadmill?

Even in a bad economy, health and wellness products are strong sellers, especially early in the year. High hopes and aspirations of a healthier life is a driving force for such purchases as exercis... Read More »

I have a treadmill and I need help?

See as you are a beginner start slowly and gradually !! start with initial speed, and with low intensity according to you and start jogging !! At starting do it with 30 minutes, continue for a week... Read More »