What is a quotation in MLA style?

Answer When writing an academic paper, you often need to quote information from a reliable resource; this strengthens your argument and helps you avoid plagiarism. If your paper must be written in MLA sty... Read More »

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What area of the body would this quotation look better at?

Why not try having it on your right or left flank. just from under your armpit to your waist. then have i t on cursive or arabic type font. :) i also advise looking for othernbadass quotations..

How to Write a Bibliography for a Quotation?

If you are writing an English paper, your teacher will expect you to cite each quoted source in your bibliography. Most likely, you will be required to use MLA style for your citation. Although you... Read More »

How to Use Quotation Marks Correctly?

Quotation marks -- " -- are used to enclose words that are borrowed or to set off dialog from narrative. They always come in pairs -- open quotation marks and close quotation marks -- which in most... Read More »

How to Use Quotation Marks in News Articles?

Remember to use quotations correctly in your news story.Ever wanted to know how to be a journalist? Not sure how to include what people have said into your article? Here's how.