What is a quit claim?

Answer A quit claim deed is a document used to transfer property from one person to another. It conveys the intent of one party to give up all rights to the property.UsesA quit claim is often used to shif... Read More »

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What is a quit claim deed?

There are different types of deeds used to transfer ownership in real estate. The two most frequently used deeds are the warranty and quitclaim deeds. Each of these deeds have different legal signi... Read More »

What is a quit claim deed in Texas?

"A quitclaim deed conveys any title, interest or claim of the grantor in real property," but it does not mean that the title is valid nor does it contain any warranty or covenants of title. Essent... Read More »

What is the Penalty for Forgery of a Quit Claim Deed?

Like other deeds, a quitclaim deed conveys title from a "grantor" or owner to a "grantee." Unlike other deeds, a grantor has no legal liability if the title is flawed in some way. Conveying title w... Read More »

What is the penalty for a forged signature on a quit-claim deed?

Forging a signature on a quit-claim deed results in serious legal consequences. The ramifications of a forged signature on a quit-claim deed include prosecution, jail time and fines.SignificanceA f... Read More »