What is a quince?

Answer The Quince (pronounced /kwɪns/), or Cydonia oblonga, is the sole member of the genus Cydonia and native to warm-temperate southwest Asia in the Caucasus region. It is a small deciduous tree, growi... Read More »

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What does quince mean in Uruaguyan food?

The quince is a yellow-skinned fruit that is related to the apple and pear family. A popular sweet in Uruguay is dulce de membrillo, or quince paste, made by cooking quince in sugar. Uruguayans eat... Read More »

What does Quince de Septiembre represent in Mexico?

Quince de Septiembre, or September 15, is the eve of Mexican Independence Day. Celebration festivities begin in the evening as people gather in plazas. Excitement culminates just before midnight, ... Read More »

How to Grow Quince?

Quince is a fruit related to the apple. It grows on small trees. Perhaps you have tasted quince products and are now interested in growing quinces yourself. Only a few varieties of quince are suita... Read More »

Is a quince a vegetable?