Quick Cures to Get Rid of a Hickey?

Answer There is no quick way to get rid of a hickey. A hickey is a bruise or hemorrhage caused by a person sucking on someone's else's skin, usually the neck, when kissing. This bruise usually develops d... Read More »

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Help! I need a quick hickey fix!?

A hickey is pretty much a superficial bruise with a bunch of broken blood vessels. Sorry, there is no overnight cure for a hickey.

What is the fastest way to get rid of a hickey?

It’s important to know that getting rid of a hickey is impossible, but treating a hickey is entirely possible. Immediate attention is required if you want that hickey to go away fast. Find a way ... Read More »

What does"giving a hickey"mean?

A hickey is a discoloration of the skin caused when blood vessels near the surface of the skin break without rupturing the skin itself. It often occurs when people kiss each other on the neck; "giv... Read More »

What is the meaning of the last name Hickey?

The surname Hickey derives from an ancient Irish clan. There is even a town in the Clooney Parish of Ireland called Ballyhickey, named after the O'Hickeys, a traditional family of healers and physi... Read More »