Scratched myself so hard I scratched away skin and it burns. What do I do?

Answer LOOOL dont worry about it, i do tht all the time, i scartch myself and wen i look down my arms are red and my skin is rippedd. nothing to worry about juss put cold water on it and some lotion.. it ... Read More »

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How do i fix a really badly scratched cd?

Here ya go...…

Does toothpaste on your scratched CDs or DVDs really work?

According to my friend, yes, but I don't have personal experience with it.*

I have a really scratched and dirty jonas brothers cd. How do I clean it Toothpaste?

Toothpaste works the best for filling in the scratches. Don't put too much on the CD as it may damage it, and use a dry, lent-free cloth to wipe it starting at the center and moving toward the edge... Read More »

How to Level up Really Quick in Farmville?

There are more and more people joining the ranks of FarmVille every day. No one can get enough of this game and there are plenty of reasons why. In FarmVille, you can get away from the noise and st... Read More »