Scratched myself so hard I scratched away skin and it burns. What do I do?

Answer LOOOL dont worry about it, i do tht all the time, i scartch myself and wen i look down my arms are red and my skin is rippedd. nothing to worry about juss put cold water on it and some lotion.. it ... Read More »

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Hi does anyone know of a quick way to unclog a shower drain from hair without drainoLike a quick home fix?

get some drain cleaner that works with emzines, this does not work fast, may take several applications, but it will not hurt the pipes, and, eventually, will solve the problem. Treat periodically ... Read More »

How do I fix a scratched DVD?

Target, and I'm sure other places have them too, has repair kits. In the meantime, try wiping it with a microfiber cloth wet with rubbing alcohol. Don't use a paper towel or anything that gives o... Read More »

What can you do with old scratched CD's?

Hang them on fruit trees to keep birds away.

I got scratched below my eye?

Don't touch it you risk infection also flush it with water and you should see the optometrist jus to be safe