How to Cure Car Sickness?

Answer Having car sickness that's bothering you from a nice, sickness-free, cool family vacation? These tips can tell you how to not get car sickness to enjoy a nice, sickness-free cool family vacation! C... Read More »

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Do you prefer the sickness over the cure?

I guess so since i still miss him terribly.

How do you cure motion sickness?

You can buy dramamine over the counter. Its very safe, but will make you a bit drowsy.GBYou

Is there a quick cure for poison ivy?

On One Hand: Prescriptions Can Speed Up ReliefWhen you get an allergic reaction to poison ivy, the first thing you should do is wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap, according to ... Read More »

Quick, i need a way to cure a hang over!!?

NUX VOMICA in 30C or 200C, its Homeopathic and works like magic on hangovers without any side effects or complications.Take Care and God Bless.