Make up question. mostly for guys, what you like on a girl. ?

Answer I am going to try and answer this without sounding like a smart aleck, but really, what do most men know about make-up?! Most will say, "just a little" or "no, I like my girl to look real" and thi... Read More »

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What are some question you would ask a teen pregnant girl?

How are you today? Would you like me to carry that for you? I'll get that for you? These are some questions you would ask any pregnant woman because any others might cause offense.

Uh girl question?

Midol.. Drink a lot of water too, a lot! Take a warm bath, you dont need a tampon or anything in the bath you stop bleeding when you are in water!

Girl Question!!!!?

its not embarrassing to ask at all. every girl sweats and stinks whether the know it or not. they all have an odor that is not smell-able to them. just tell ur mom i need deodorant. if anything... Read More »

Ummmm Girl question ....?

I dont wear them eather all the time only sometimes....but around the date i know know im get my period i wear them...