What is a query letter?

Answer A query letter is a short, formal, business letter sent by a writer to a publisher or literary agent. The letter introduces the writer and her work or proposes a project for consideration by the re... Read More »

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Purpose of a Query Letter?

The purpose of query letters for writers is to find out whether an editor would be interested in finding out more about seeing a piece of work. It's a professional business letter used to sell a m... Read More »

How to Write a Query Letter?

How to get your article here.Many writers begin their publishing career by writing magazine articles. But how do you get your article in a magazine? Write a query letter. Similar to a book proposal... Read More »

How to Write an Email Query Letter?

In today's increasingly online world, many editors are now accepting email query letters in addition to, or instead of, traditional snail mail query letters. There are some important tips you shoul... Read More »

How to Write a Query Letter for a Screenplay?

Once you've finished writing your screenplay, the next step is to find someone who's in a position to get it produced. This involves finding an agent who can shop your material around to different ... Read More »