What is a query in Microsoft Access?

Answer A query poses a question to retrieve a subset of information already contained in a Microsoft Access relational database, as described by Microsoft in its Access training courses. The database quer... Read More »

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What Is Query in MS Access?

Microsoft Access is a personal database product. When you have built a database and filled it with data elements, the query function enables you to ask questions of the content of the database. Que... Read More »

What is a select query in Access?

A select query in Microsoft Access is a statement in SQL used to return specific data from a table or tables in an Access database. For instance, "select * from Categories" will return all data fr... Read More »

What is a query in Access 2007?

Database queries select data from tables. For instance, if a table lists your contact's addresses, a query might select people who live on Main Street. Access 2007 queries can also combine multiple... Read More »

What is an update query in Access?

An update query is a way to modify multiple rows of data with one SQL statement. It is faster and more efficient to use an update query than manually editing tables directly. An update query can be... Read More »