What is a quasi contract?

Answer Used in civil law, a quasi contract is a contract ordered by the court. It is not agreed upon by the two interested parties. Courts create quasi contracts to settle disputes over payment for goods ... Read More »

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How to Be a Quasi Vegetarian?

Being a quasi vegetarian is a pretty cool thing. Sure it will be hard, but you will save animals along the way, and try new foods! Read on to find the way to be a true quasi vegetarian!

What is the meaning of a quasi-partnership?

A quasi partnership is a type of business strategy that joins two or more entities. It resembles a partnership but is actually not a partnership.FunctionThe term "quasi" means almost, making a quas... Read More »

What does"andantino quasi allegretto"mean?

Andantino quasi allegretto means a slower tempo, but not too slow. It is a tempo that is almost lively. Andantino means a slightly slower tempo then andante, which is a moderately slow tempo, such ... Read More »

Quasi Experimental Evaluation Techniques?

Experimental design is the preferred method of research in most circumstances because of its rigor and ability to make causal conclusions. In evaluation, however, using experimental design with con... Read More »