How to Use the Baby Quasar?

Answer The Baby Quasar is a commercial device that you can purchase at department stores and online. It uses red and infrared lights to treat age lines and acne. You can use a combination of three setting... Read More »

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Who makes Baby Quasar?

Quasar Bio-Tech, Inc. manufactures the Baby Quasar line of at-home, hand-held, skincare light-therapy devices. The company has its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, and manufactures the Baby Quasa... Read More »

Panasonic quasar camcorder vm-d51?

I did not find the manual or part number. However, I did find a source for a universal charger that fits this model here:…

Baby Quasar Instructions?

The Baby Quasar is an at-home spa treatment product that allows consumers to shine LED lights onto their skin. The pulsing light is supposed to help with the production of collagen, leading to more... Read More »

Is the baby Quasar a laser or LED light?

According to the web site for Quasar products, the home light therapy system uses red and infrared light emitting diodes, or LEDs, not lasers. Baby Quasar is promoted as an anti-aging, anti-acne li... Read More »