What is a qualified withdrawal from a Roth 401k?

Answer A Roth 401k is a retirement account that allows you to withdraw money tax free at retirement. In order to be qualified, withdrawals must meet both time in the account and age restrictions.Time Fram... Read More »

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How to Roll From a Qualified 401K to a Roth IRA?

When you retire or stop working for a company, it may be a good idea to roll your 401K savings into a new fund. While keeping your funds in the current 401K may be an option, sometimes there are ex... Read More »

What is a qualified distribution from a roth ira?

Roth IRAs are a special type of individual retirement account that does not offer a tax deduction for contributions, but does not tax earnings as long as the distributions are qualified.Contributio... Read More »

Early Withdrawal From a Roth 401(k)?

A Roth 401(k) offers benefits similar to a Roth IRA. When an employee chooses to fund her account with a Roth 401(k), she chooses to do so with after-tax contributions. She'll receive her tax benef... Read More »

Does a roth 401k count as a holding period for a roth ira?

When you rollover money from a Roth 401k plan to a Roth IRA, the time in the Roth 401k does not count towards the five year requirement that must be satisfied before qualified distributions can be ... Read More »