What is a quad processor?

Answer A quad core processor is a computer central processing unit (CPU) that has four separate processing cores in a single microchip; quad core processors pack more processing power into a chip that is ... Read More »

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What RAM should I use for a quad core processor?

On One Hand: Motherboard CompatibilityWhen picking Random Access Memory (RAM) for your quad core processor, the first and most important consideration is compatibility. Most motherboard manufacture... Read More »

What does quad core processor mean?

A quad core processor is a type of processor used in personal computers that features four individual processors on a common integrated circuit. Quad core processors may be used in laptops, desktop... Read More »

Can i run hd 3870 as a quad processor?

If you use the ATI CrossFireX technology, which is compatible with the Radeon HD 3780 video card, you can run up to four graphical processing units (GPUs) at once. In this sense, you can run the HD... Read More »

Can an M2N-SLI use a quad-core processor?

The ASUS M2N-SLI motherboard can use a quad-core processor. The M2N-SLI supports AMD processors using the Socket AM2 platform, including the Phenom X4 quad-core processor with speeds ranging from 2... Read More »