How to Avoid a Pyramid Scheme?

Answer A pyramid scheme is based on a simple hierarchical premise. The money from new pyramid members (the bottom of the pyramid) is used to pay returns to longer-term members (the middle and top of the p... Read More »

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How to Distinguish Between a Pyramid Scheme and Multi Level Marketing?

Many people automatically associate a negative connotation with buzz words like “multi-level marketing” and “downline.” These people assume that those words denote a “pyramid scheme” an... Read More »

What is a font scheme?

A font scheme is a set of fonts that are used in a document, like in Microsoft Publisher. The font scheme has a primary font and a secondary font. A primary font is used for the title of a document... Read More »

What is a triadic color scheme?

A triadic color scheme involves a combination of three colors or hues that achieve a specific effect, especially in art and design. Various triadic color schemes can be formed using a color wheel, ... Read More »

What is a split complementary color scheme?

A split complementary color scheme serves as a variation to the complementary color scheme, a color scheme that uses complementary colors. Complementary colors include colors across each other on t... Read More »