How to Avoid a Pyramid Scheme?

Answer A pyramid scheme is based on a simple hierarchical premise. The money from new pyramid members (the bottom of the pyramid) is used to pay returns to longer-term members (the middle and top of the p... Read More »

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How to Distinguish Between a Pyramid Scheme and Multi Level Marketing?

Many people automatically associate a negative connotation with buzz words like “multi-level marketing” and “downline.” These people assume that those words denote a “pyramid scheme” an... Read More »

What does alternative scheme mean?

"Plan B" is a great example: Having a second plan ready to go means having an alternative scheme. But it could also mean a "color scheme": i.e: An interior decorator should always have an alternati... Read More »

Which color scheme should I do?

What does IR mean in a pension scheme?

The "IR" refers to the Inland Revenue, Britain's version of the Internal Revenue Service. Just as the IRS monitors and charges taxes on 401(K) or IRA funds, the IR monitors and taxes pension schem... Read More »