What is a purchase agreement?

Answer A purchase agreement is a legal document that details the sale of any type of property. It includes the price of the property and the terms of the sale agreement.PurchaserThe purchaser of property... Read More »

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Can a car bought under a hire purchase agreement be insured by anyone other than the person who signed the hire purchase agreement?

Well this policy depends upon the company you choose for car hire. In most of the case you will not find this type of option. One more option is you can directly contact the desired company. You ca... Read More »

What is a stock purchase agreement?

According to the Business Dictionary website, a stock purchase agreement is one between a private firm and its shareholders for regulating the sale and transfer of company shares. The agreement ent... Read More »

What is a basic purchase agreement?

A basic purchase agreement is a contract between a buyer and a seller, or individuals or companies, to buy a specified item. The specified item could be anything as long as it is agreed upon in the... Read More »

What is a government purchase agreement?

A purchase agreement, in general, is a contract stipulating the terms of a purchase; a government purchase agreement names a government agency as the buyer. The U.S. government often uses a blanket... Read More »