What is a pulmonary rheumatoid nodule?

Answer A pulmonary rheumatoid nodule is a feature of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) found on the lungs. It is a rare occurrence which is comparable to nodules found under the skin in rheumatoid arthritis.Incid... Read More »

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At Home Treatment for an Acne Nodule?

Acne nodules are one of the more severe forms of acne breakouts and can cause firm, swollen, painful lumps to appear on the skin. These nodules can spread under the skin and can be difficult to eli... Read More »

Nodule in lung and shortness of breath?

Sinle 5-mm nodule in the left thyroid lobe which appears hypoechoic?

It is not sinle ,it is single.This is a ultrasound scan report of a thyroid gland.There is a one(single) lump(nodule) in left side of thyroid gland.(thyroid gland is a organ in the neck).Hypo echoi... Read More »

What is pulmonary neuropathy?

Neuropathy: The name given to a group of disorders involving nerves "Any disease of the nervous system". Symptoms range from a tingling sensation or numbness in the toes and fingers to paralysis. s... Read More »