Ancient Pueblo Pottery?

Answer Pottery made by Pueblo cultures in the Southwestern United States dates back 2,000 years, and it is made today in the same way it always has been. Potters roll clay into coils, shape it by hand to ... Read More »

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How many rooms does Taos Pueblo have?

The Taos Pueblo is a Native American community that is at the foothills of the Taos Mountains. The Taos Pueblo has 600 rooms and is five stories tall. The Rio Pueblo River flows right down the midd... Read More »

Has Pueblo Rolling Tobacco any tar?

All tobacco (and smokable plant matter, for the record) generates some amount of "tar" as a by-product of combustion. Your current consumption of tobacco is not particularly "bad" for you, but any... Read More »

Hotels in Pueblo Viejo, Guatemala?

Pueblo Viejo is a village that is an approximate 25-minute drive south of Guatemala City and offers tourists with opportunities for mountain climbing and hiking at the nearby mountain range, the Cu... Read More »

Differences of the Apache & Pueblo Indians?

The 2010 census reports that around 57,000 Americans identify themselves as Apache, most belonging to the Jicarilla, Mescalero, San Carlos, Western Apache, White Mountain Apache, or Chiricahua trib... Read More »