What is a psychrometer used for?

Answer Weather prediction requires accurate measurement with specifically designed instruments. An instrument known as a barometer measures air pressure. Instruments known as hygrometers and psychrometers... Read More »

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What is the definition of a psychrometer?

A psychrometer measures water vapor content or relative humidity. The instrument consists of a wet-bulb thermometer and a dry-bulb thermometer that let scientists measure the atmosphere for water v... Read More »

What does a psychrometer measure?

Psychrometers are devices used to measure relative humidity. In order to calculate relative humidity, you need both the current temperature and its corresponding dew point temperature at a given ba... Read More »

What is the definition of a sling psychrometer?

A sling psychrometer is a type of hygrometer that measures relative humidity. It consists of two thermometers, one of which has a wet bulb that registers a lower temperature due to the cooling effe... Read More »

What does a sling psychrometer measure?

According to NASA, a sling psychrometer is the simplest form of a hygrometer, which measures relative humidity or the amount of moisture in the air. A measurement of 100 percent indicates that the ... Read More »