Why is prune juice called prune juice?

Answer The reason its called "prune juice" is just condensed more than plum juice. Its kinda hard to explain....if you squeeze a plum, you get semi-clear liquid.But if you squeeze a prune, you get like a ... Read More »

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What Month Can I Prune a Flowering Plum?

Flowering plum trees may bear some summer fruit but are grown mostly for their stunning spring floral displays. Japanese flowering plums (Prunus cerasifera) and the double-flowered blireiana plum h... Read More »

In what season do you prune an apricot tree?

There is much debate about the pruning of apricots. In general, apricot pruning should be kept to a minimum. Apricots are extremely vulnerable to the disease gummosis, which can enter the plant as ... Read More »

At what time of year in the uk do you prune roses?

Major pruning is done in the early spring, before any new growth appears. The exceptions are some climbers & roses that produce blooms on the previous year's wood. They should be pruned right afte... Read More »

What is the best time to prune peach trees?

Peach trees should be pruned after January, from oldest to youngest. Pruning just before or during freezing weather can severely harm or kill new growth on peach trees. Pruning during or after blo... Read More »