What is a proxy port?

Answer Proxy ports are used to manage access to the proxy server. A proxy server is a machine that funnels Internet access for network users. It allows administrators to control and manage Internet bandwi... Read More »

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What is a network proxy setting port?

A proxy server port is the port through which traffic between your computer and the proxy server is transmitted. Often used to increase network security, a proxy server acts as an intermediary betw... Read More »

How to Find My HTTP Proxy Port Number?

The proxy server acts as a mediator between the client machine and the main server. Requests sent from the client machine are first routed to the proxy server. These requests are then validated bas... Read More »

How to Find the Proxy Server Port Number in Windows XP?

A proxy server helps keep the information on your internal network safe while you browse the Internet. To set up a proxy server, you need the IP address of the server and also the port number. If y... Read More »

How to Make a Proxy Application/Proxy Website?

Need to visit some websites while at work or school, but the boss has blocked all the good ones? You can use your own proxy server to bypass this, and it'll even have a GUI (Graphical User Interface)!