Where can I find my driving license number I have both parts of my provisional license to hand.?

Answer It will start with with the first 5 letters of your surname, followed by your date of birth in reverse.

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At what age can you apply for a provisional driving license?

Provisional driver's license laws vary by state, but usually you can get one around the age of 16 after holding a learner's permit for a certain period. For example, in California you can get one a... Read More »

How long is a provisional driving license valid?

Driver's license laws differ slightly from state to state, but provisional driver licenses are typically good until your 18th birthday. However, there are certain restrictions for the first 12 mont... Read More »

How do i report underage drivers (provisional license)?

jesus h christ, can anyone be a kid anymore? Look, I guess what I am trying to say is if the kids are doing something exceedingly dangerous that presents a clear potential of harm to themselves or ... Read More »

Can you drive siblings with a provisional license?

Yes, you can if there is no other transportation for the sibling.And it depends where. If to a school, you need a note from Principal. Other places would require a note from parent or guardian.