What is a proprietorship?

Answer A proprietorship and sole proprietorship have the same meaning. A sole proprietorship has a single owner. Owners of a sole proprietorship enjoy benefits such as full control of all business matters... Read More »

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How to Set up a Sole Proprietorship in Arizona?

To set up a sole proprietorship in Arizona, you simply have to start operating your own business. There is no formal paperwork to submit to the government and there are no fees to pay. Even though ... Read More »

How to Set Up a Sole Proprietorship in Canada?

There are several forms of business you can set up for a company. Each type of business has its pros and cons and preferences may vary depending on what kind of business you are attempting to start... Read More »

How to Set up a Sole Proprietorship in Colorado?

A sole proprietorship is a simple business structure that is owned and run under the name of 1 individual. It is commonly referred to as self-employment. Unlike a corporation, a sole proprietor doe... Read More »

How to Set up a Sole Proprietorship in Illinois?

A sole proprietorship is the simplest way to start a business in Illinois. In the eyes of federal and state law, the business and the owner are considered 1 entity. Unlike partnerships, limited lia... Read More »