What is a proportional symbol map?

Answer Statistical data is easier to understand using a graph or chart. Proportional-symbol maps are used to illustrate geographic data. The symbols are scaled proportionally to their value and placed nex... Read More »

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What is a proportional pie chart?

A proportional pie chart is a representation of data in which the subsets are divided categorically, and in direct proportion to, the entire data set. They are usually represented by a circle (the... Read More »

What is a proportional response?

A proportional response is one that is equal to and no greater than an incident or provocation. Under international law, for example, it is recognised that no state should retaliate with unlimited ... Read More »

Types of Proportional Taxes?

A proportional tax, also called a flat tax is a system under which everyone pays the same rate for taxes regardless of income according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). "South-Western Federal... Read More »

How to Find Out Whether Ratios Are Proportional?

Ratios measure the relationship between two numbers, such as the number of hits a batter gets per the number of times he bats or the number of strikes a pitcher throws per the number of total pitch... Read More »