How to Proportion Maps?

Answer Maps have been used since ancient times in human history. When looking at older maps, one of the first things that becomes apparent is the lack of proportionality regarding the landmasses and bodie... Read More »

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How to Tell if Two Ratios Are in Proportion?

This is a useful mathematical trick in cooking or chemistry to tell if two ratios are in proportion.

How to Find a Percent and Proportion?

Percents and proportions are common in mathematical techniques. A percent is a part of a whole, while a proportion is a ratio that is used to calculate an unknown variable in an equation. Therefore... Read More »

How to Solve a Proportion With a Variable in It?

Proportions are ratios that are set equal to each other. The ratios will usually be in fraction form. The easiest way to determine if the ratios are equal is to cross multiply the denominators by t... Read More »

How to Find the Mean Proportion Between 2 Numbers?

The mean proportion of any two given positive numbers is also termed the geometric mean. Unlike the more common arithmetic mean, or the "average" in which you add a set of numbers and divide by the... Read More »