What is a profit sharing bond?

Answer A profit sharing bond is a security that earns a specific interest rate. The bond holder also earns dividends from the company issuing the bond.PaymentProfit sharing bonds are issued with the inten... Read More »

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What is a profit sharing plan?

Profit sharing plans are offered by some companies to connect their employees' financial health to the company and offer a retirement plan. Types of profit sharing plans and investment options vary... Read More »

What is a cross-tested profit sharing plan?

Cross-tested profit sharing plans--also called new comparability or multiple-tiered plans--allow employees to be grouped into multiple tiers. Contributions and benefits of the plan can then be cust... Read More »

401(k) Profit Sharing Rules?

When defined-benefit pension plans were no longer in fashion and workers were challenged to put money away for retirement, the federal government stepped in and passed legislation that created 401(... Read More »

Is profit sharing illegal?

Profit sharing plans are perfectly legal in the United States. Since they fall under the category of defined-contribution benefits, federal laws and protections are in place to govern profit sharin... Read More »