What is a professional LLC?

Answer Among the types of business entities, LLCs are a common alternative to the corporate model. Companies formed to provide professional services often establish themselves as professional LLCs, which ... Read More »

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I really need a low price professional camera or a semi professional one. I need someone to suggest some.?

Camera? This question is in the camcorder forum...First, define "professional" grade. In my book, that means a lens filter diameter of 70mm or bigger (for low light behavior), low compression video... Read More »

I don't have a professional camera, but i want to make my video professional?

An out-of focus video with wind noise can't be improved by ANY editing software, let alone Photoshop Elements.Such problems cannot be corrected, so they have to be prevented. Watch TV shows like Mo... Read More »

Is canon 60d a professional camera or semi professional camera?

Canon 60D is more of a Semi-Pro Camera, but it's actually a advanced Consumer Model.

I want to become a professional EDM DJ?

Congrats man! I have been following the same dream for about a year now too! Since I was a child I loved dance music, but I got my push into actually trying when I got a job with an EDM promotion ... Read More »