Is it odd if your barber is also your proctologist?

Answer My dentist does prostate examinations. Perhaps your barber and my dentist went to university together.

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Proctologist & Urologist Training?

Proctology and urology are medical specialties. Proctologists are physicians who diagnose and treat conditions affecting the rectum and colon by prescribing medication or performing surgery. Urolog... Read More »

What is the average yearly salary for a proctologist?

A proctologist, also referred to as a colorectal surgeon, specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. The yearly salary will vary with experience. According to su... Read More »

Do they have clinics where you can see a gynecologist and a proctologist at the same time, in the same room?

I've seen that in a porn. They even had a throat specialist! But I don't think they were real doctors.