What is a probiotic diet?

Answer A probiotic diet contains "good" bacteria, which are found in several dairy and fermented food products. A probiotic diet is said to aid digestion, and scientists are studying whether probiotics ca... Read More »

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What are the differences between an adequate diet balanced diet moderate diet and varied diet?

An adequate diet contains all nutrients necessary for long-term survival. It may not necessarily be optimal or have any variety. A balanced diet refers to a diet that does not have too much of jus... Read More »

What is probiotic acidophilus?

Acidophilus is a type of probiotic, a "good" bacteria found naturally in your digestive system. Natural medical practitioners often recommend the use of probiotic acidophilus for the treatment of a... Read More »

What is probiotic cheese?

While some brands of cheeses promote the probiotic benefits of their products, most cheese includes some degree of "good bacteria" in the form of lactic acid bacteria, an essential ingredient in th... Read More »

Probiotic Defense Side Effects?

According to, probiotics are "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amount confer a health benefit on the host." The product Probiotic Defense offers consumers ... Read More »