What is a private limited company?

Answer A private limited company is a form of business ownership created to reduce the amount of debt incurred by the business owner(s). Private limited companies are usually based in Great Britain.Defini... Read More »

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Is BBC a private limited company or a public limited company?

Is McDonald's a private or public limited company?

McDonald's is a publicly traded corporation, meaning anyone can buy a part of the company through the purchase of stock shares. McDonald's Corp. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the tick... Read More »

What is the difference between a private company&a public company?

The primary difference between a private and public company is the requirement to disclose financial information. Private companies are not required to report their finances to the Securities and E... Read More »

What is an limited liability company?

A limited liability company (or LLC) is a business entity which joins various aspects of corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorship. LLCs are structured by state law, so the company must fo... Read More »