What is a private limited company?

Answer A private limited company is a form of business ownership created to reduce the amount of debt incurred by the business owner(s). Private limited companies are usually based in Great Britain.Defini... Read More »

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Is BBC a private limited company or a public limited company?

Is McDonald's a private or public limited company?

McDonald's is a publicly traded corporation, meaning anyone can buy a part of the company through the purchase of stock shares. McDonald's Corp. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the tick... Read More »

If you collect private disability and then SSDI gives you back benefits do you owe money to your private insurance company?

I would think not unless you had a SS offset rider on the policy. Check with your agent!

Are limited common elements at condominium complex considered private?

Your answer depends on what 'private' use you expect of the limited common area that is dedicated to your unit. Limited common areas are subject to inspection by the association or its agents, main... Read More »