What is a printer queue in Windows XP?

Answer The printer queue is a portion of memory set aside by Windows XP. This memory area, also called a spooler, is used specifically to manage documents that have been created and sent to the printer. E... Read More »

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What is a printer queue name?

A printer queue name is the name given to a specific printer by the computer or server so that it can recognize it. The printer's queue name should be listed along with the printer's other informat... Read More »

How do i switch the print queue from one printer to another?

It may not be possible, but there is something you can try. First, Pause the printer/print job in the printer queue that you want to redirect. Next, while in the printer queue, click on Printer in ... Read More »

How do i delete the queue on the printer server?

On a Windows print server, open the Control Panel, then double-click the Administrative Tools icon. Double-click the Services icon.Find the Print Spooler service from the list that appears. Right... Read More »

How to Use a Print Queue in Windows XP?

When a new printer is installed on a computer, the Windows XP operating system will automatically create a print queue. A print queue contains a list of all the documents printing or waiting to be ... Read More »