What is a primary source of information?

Answer A primary source is a reference that is written during the time period that is being studied, such as newspaper articles, journals, buildings and photographs. Primary sources help historians better... Read More »

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Characteristics of a Primary Source?

Students in secondary school usually learn to do research in two steps. First they do research to gather information from a variety of sources. Then the students analyze the information they gather... Read More »

What is a primary source in history?

A primary source is an original document recorded from the time of an historical event used as a reference for research. Examples include newspapers, photographs, diaries and journals. Official doc... Read More »

What is primary source material?

Primary source material refers to resources of research created or produced during the period in question. Types of primary source material include interviews, news reports, photographs, speech tra... Read More »

How to Analyze a Primary Source?

A primary source is a first-hand account of a time-period or event. It includes newspapers, letters, memoirs, music, court cases, records and anything else that took place at the time you are resea... Read More »