What is a pretend feast with no food called?

Answer According to, a pretend feast with no food is called a barmecide. This word was coined from a fictional wealthy Persian named Barmecide, who offered a beggar an imaginary meal in... Read More »

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Who manufactures Fancy Feast cat food?

Purina manufactures Fancy Feast cat foods. Considered part of the gourmet pet food product line, Fancy Feast offers a large assortment of wet and dry cat food. Purina is a subsidiary of Nestle.Sou... Read More »

Does Fancy Feast cat food cause kidney disease?

Fancy feast food does not cause kidney disease, and can actually be beneficial in cats who are suffering from kidney disease or failure. This is because Fancy Feast--and many other canned foods--he... Read More »

What kind of wine compliments Fancy Feast gourmet cat food best?

Everclear is good. The high alcohol content will kill off any weird Chinese parasites in the FF.

Why do we feel non stop thirsty after a wedding feast or hotel food,especially rice or rice based snacks?

commonly in hotels the add baking soda to whiten the color of rice it makes you to feel pretty dry and makes you to drink lot of water