What is a presidential primary election?

Answer A presidential primary election in the U.S. political system is a process used by political parties in some states to select a nominee for president.HistoryPrior to the 20th century, political part... Read More »

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When is a presidential primary election held?

According to, while the presidential general election occurs every four years on the first Tuesday in November, the presidential primary election varies from state to state. The StateLi... Read More »

Presidential Election Kids Activities?

Teaching children about the presidential election will help them realize what makes our government special and encourage them to vote when they turn 18. The more children learn about voting at an e... Read More »

Classroom Activities for the Presidential Election?

A presidential election is a vivid object lesson in democracy. Teachers who want to use it to inspire and teach their students have many options with which to do so. Classroom activities such as mo... Read More »

Where did Obama give his presidential election speech?

After being elected president, Barack Obama addressed his supporters at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. Grant Park was the site of the sometimes violent anti-Vietnam War protests during the 1968 D... Read More »