What is a present progressive verb?

Answer The present progressive tense describes any action anyone is taking and makes it a continuous process rather than a one-time action. It is a composite of two verbs, each in a different form; the v... Read More »

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How to Form the Progressive Verb Tense?

Progressive tense is really three tenses--past progressive, present progressive, and future progressive. You use the progressive for an action in progress; you don't know when it started or when it... Read More »

Uses of the Present Progressive?

Present progressive, also called present continuous, has several uses in English. Taught usually by comparing its different function to present simple, present progressive is a tense of development... Read More »

Spanish Present Progressive Activities?

The Spanish present progressive tense, or present continuous tense, indicates an action that is taking place at the moment. Because you can use actions to demonstrate the tense, it is one of the ea... Read More »

How to Learn the Present Progressive in English?

Present progressive is one of the many English grammar tenses. A tense refers to the timing of a verb's action or being. Timing can be in the present, the past or the future. These tenses can be sp... Read More »