What is a present progressive verb?

Answer The present progressive tense describes any action anyone is taking and makes it a continuous process rather than a one-time action. It is a composite of two verbs, each in a different form; the v... Read More »

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How to Form the Progressive Verb Tense?

Progressive tense is really three tenses--past progressive, present progressive, and future progressive. You use the progressive for an action in progress; you don't know when it started or when it... Read More »

Uses of the Present Progressive?

Present progressive, also called present continuous, has several uses in English. Taught usually by comparing its different function to present simple, present progressive is a tense of development... Read More »

How to Learn the Present Progressive in English?

Present progressive is one of the many English grammar tenses. A tense refers to the timing of a verb's action or being. Timing can be in the present, the past or the future. These tenses can be sp... Read More »

How to Use the Present Progressive Tense in Spanish?

This article will help you with present progressive in Spanish. A present progressive verb is a kinetic verb (action) rather than a passive one which says you are doing whatever the action is right... Read More »